How “The Cycle” can help you create effective and lasting change in your Life

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The Question of how to change effectively and how to live a more content life has been discussed many times and by many greats already.

In last weeks article I took a little different approach and shined some light on the first step in change that often times is overlooked. The question of “Why” we want to change something.

This week I want to bring a process I call “The Cycle” closer to you. It’s all about the bigger picture of things and how to bring about effective and sustainable changes into our lives.

This process is actually the process I use for myself and with all my clients that choose to work longer with me.

You are in for a treat!

There is a bigger process to change

Well, changing as we know, is not the easiest thing to do. Yet we try to change and optimize our lives all the time. Every top performer has his version of habit creation and routines.

That’s fantastic but you also have to adapt it so it works for you. It’s great to find inspiration and try things out but in the end, it comes down to the things we actually keep doing.

If we do not like to dance but everyone swears on Zumba classes, then that might not be the best fit for us get in better shape.

It comes down to you, what lights you up and what sparks joy in you. As always only you know what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s about being curious and understanding yourself better.

You hear (or have heard) me say all the time: Only you know what’s right for you. This is no different.

Also there is huge potential in beating ourselves up because we compare ourselves to others on a “similar journey. I say similar because there are no two exact same stories and that is why there are no two exact same paths forward.

In our perspective others are often times ahead which leads to a lot of pressure. So, letting that go and focusing on how we feel, what we need and what works for us is crucial when trying to change anything.

In this process I’m about to share it’s all about changing from the inside rather then changing to outside. To me, the only way to truly change anything.

The Cycle

I focus on five steps when I try to change something. First up:

The Now

This part is all about understanding the current situation. Where we are at in life or a specific area but also who we are being. It’s important to get as clear and honest as possible on how things are. In a way this is the status quo.

The Vision

As the name of this step suggests we focus on how you picture your life. We want to understand exactly where we want to go and who we want to become.

In The Vision we want to get crystal clear on what meaning each term has for you. Terms like happiness, success or Love. Because let’s face it, they all mean something completely different to each of us.

Can you imagine how much clarity you gain for yourself if you think deeply and carefully about all this?

For example why do we want to change in the first place?

The Gap

Here we shine some light on ourselves and look at the two last steps in relation to each other.

Where do we see a difference? Is it a big difference? What’s missing? What’s already there? What can we build upon?

Again, this is crucial because often times people don’t exactly know what they want and what it looks like they are trying to achieve.

If we don’t have that clarity it might be very difficult at times to keep going. Here I also dive into limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks with my clients or myself.


The Change

In The Change Section focus goes on how to turn insight into action. That means all the information we have gathered in the previous steps help us to formulate a better game plan.

Because now we understand exactly what we want and how what we want looks like.

This is a very juicy section and the first time ever we think about the how’s. No problem because we already got the why’s down.

This is the section where you can actually look into habits and routines in order to bring small but steady changes into your life.

The Flow

This last step is crucial in my opinion and as well often times overlooked. In reality this also plays into the step before already because we want to understand how we can bring everything in our life into balance.

That means here we can bring it all together in a way that works for us individually. Life is an energy game and the better we manage them, the more flow we experience.

It’s amazing what becomes available when going through a process like this. Often times we find our true self that was buried beneath other people’s expectations or hidden behind our false perceptions. A truly liberating process while also changing our lives forever.

Going through this process will bring your best self to the surface and elevate your life into new heights.
Perspectives and perceptions shift; and you become the creator of your own reality once and for all.

This process can be applied in a specific area or as a full swing across all areas. I really invite you to have a closer and deeper look at your life and essential at yourself.

Btw. on the right side of this page is a video that also explains the cycle with some supporting graphics for you.


A complete overview on our lives

I truly hope this was interesting to you and that this process will help you to get a step, or better several steps, closer to changing.

Now I get that this can be highly overwhelming. So, for anyone who would like to get started with the first few steps of this process I have created Souletters.

Souletters helps you to ask yourself better questions and you therefore develop a better understanding of who you are and who you want to be. A lot of insight becomes available in this process that can have life changing impact on you.

For anyone who doesn’t want to go through that process alone and without guidance I offer powerful 1:1 coaching where we work on this over several months.

You can apply for that here

Much Love,

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