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You Invest In Yourself. I Admire When People Invest In Themselves. That's Why I Want To Support You In Your Journey...

Inner work and personal development often times feel like a lot of work and overwhelm is right around the corner!

Gratitude, Forgiveness, Goal Setting, Reflection, Visualization, Visioning, Journaling, Finding Clarity, Looking Inside, Understanding Yourself Better, Forming Habits, Being your Best self and so many other things to emerge in all at the same time.

I have finally combined it all in a simple yet powerful way, so it doesn't feel like work anymore!

I do the heavy lifting for you, so you only have to commit to 30s – 1min per day to see some benefits for yourself.

Isn’t that amazing?!



Here Is How It Works:

SOULETTERS Is A New Secret Tool That Can Help You Get More Out Of Your Life With Ease And Without Overwhelm!

Receive Your Daily Message With A Question From Within

Read Through Your Message And Pose The Question To Yourself

See The Habit Grow And Your Life Slowly Change

Too Simple? Here Is Why It Works

The Quality Of Your Life Is Determined By The Quality Of The Questions You Ask!

By asking yourself better questions you will be able to understand yourself better, gain more clarity and be more aware of your emotions and thoughts. This awareness will influence every aspect of your life and will build the foundation of your personal growth journey.

By the way, asking questions is The #1 Component in my daily work with clients!

Awareness Changes Everything

Awareness is the absolute first step to change. That combined with a look within is the best soil for life changing transformation. The smallest improvement in any area of your life can have a ripple effect and impact all other areas in a profound way.

Just think of what a little more confidence could do in your life.

Creates A Habit That Sticks And Grows 

Science shows that taking small actions consistently lead to bigger results over time. By reading this one email and asking yourself this one question you start the process of inner work. That is all it takes. Over time this grows into a flourishing habit and you might even find yourself re-visiting a previous question all by yourself.

Like Magic...

Too Big, Too Fast 

Science suggest, in order to create a habit, it's best to start very, very tiny. Like 30 seconds tiny.

Procrastination is a way you protect yourself from overwhelm that is caused because there is too many options and paths to take. At the same time you want to do it right and implement the perfect routine. I hear you! Less is sometimes more though, like in this case.

I do the heavy lifting for you by selecting when and what to focus on. Goodbye Overwhelm! Hello Consistency!

We Are All In This Together

It is no secret that Community and Accountability play a huge role in human transformation. Therefore we created a thriving Facebook Community to support each other and grow together in the most effortless way, one question a day.

We all learn and grow daily, why not share and support each other along the way?

Here's The Deal...

This isn’t just about you. This is about every aspect and every person in your life. You becoming a better version of yourself, benefits everything and everyone around you and therefore enhances how you experience life.

Aren't you tired of hitting the same obstacles again and again? To move in cycles and end up in the same situation or relationship?

It's like a jinx. Keeping you stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. Life is happening to you and you are just a spectator most of the time.

Once you read through your new guide, you’ll realize that you are on a never-ending journey.

We all play the game of life. So we might as well improve our game.

You’re almost certainly overcomplicating it though.

That's what Anxiety, Overwhelm, Stress and Uncertainty is, isn't it?

It's an overcomplication of life, your thoughts and thus your reality.

As a human being, your main focus should be on one thing, and one thing only:

Constant Growth!

But that's huge!? Well if anything, we make it huge!

Growing means progressing. It means learning something.
Don't we all learn something small every day?

Of course we do but somehow you don't look at it that way.
Why is that?

Perfectionism and Inconsistency kills it.

You get distracted, overwhelmed and demotivated along the way. It seems never good enough. And I don't blame you. I have been there!

You end up all over the place feeling stuck, frustrated and lost. Life goes up and down like a rollercoaster.

There is a point and time in our lives where we have to shift our attention to the inside and ask ourselves better questions.

If you want to change anything in your life, then that time is now!

My Best Work, Research, Thoughts & Questions Go Into Every Message Delivered To You. I Bring The Same Dedication And Wisdom To It As I Do While Working With My Clients!




"Thank you for setting me free because I’m healing with your help. It’s not easy! But it’s a process that allows me to reach the real me. I live life now trying to make one person truly happy: MYSELF! Step by step I’m turning into the woman I want to be! Learning to love myself more, letting go of toxic feelings and stopping to live in the past."


"I am so incredibly grateful for the sessions I took with Bastian. He was such a great listener, so easy to talk to, and seemed to have an endless supply of knowledge and tools that have helped me immensely."


"You are an incredible coach, person and you helped me a lot. It's been incredible past weeks! I remember the first time I contacted you I was feeling lost, confused and upset about a lot of things in my life, and now all these feelings of fear and confusion have just changed in an incredible and positive way. I'm amazed the way my life has changed. I feel I'm more confident and I'm so glad I started my coaching with you and trusted you through this process. All your our talks helped me to find clarity, peace and tranquility."


"I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for always being there to tell me what I need to hear, even when I don’t want to hear it... The last time we spoke you gave me some very straight-forward advice, which I admit I didn’t want to take initially. However, after a long fact-facing ponder I did end up putting it into action, and it actually resolved the block that was keeping me in that negative space."
look within


"Right from our first chat on, my inner world started to change. Each Session a bit more. The sessions with you were incredibly amazing, deep and life-changing, diving to the root of my biggest fears, limiting beliefs and awareness on where I am and where I want to go. "


"I can´t be grateful enough for Bastian to come into my life. He recognised my deepest desires and dreams which I was too scared to even admit to myself. My heart skipped when I felt there is someone else who actually believes in me. The Sessions were just amazing. In only four sessions I managed to change so many things in my life. I´ve started doing routines which make me feel happier and healthier plus I overcame fears which I never thought possible.”
look within


"First of all, thank you! Because of you and your advice’s I have a new approach to things. I’ve already told you that you had a way of reaching me and probably others that no one else has ever had. Now I’m trying to be more kind, loving, permissive, understanding and patient with myself. I am learning to understand that continuing to be angry with the past does not help me move forward."
look within


"You asked me questions that I wouldn't have asked myself at the time. They got me thinking. Normally I would leave them be, but it was time to deal with them. The answers to these questions I did not have to give to you, but to myself. Thank you for the support you gave me during this time. I have learned to be more optimistic about the future, to let the past rest and to be aware of my thoughts so that I can perfect them step by step, by myself."

About The Creator



Bastian Gugger is a Coach, Intuitive Genius and Brilliant Life Guide who helps people to live Happier, more Balanced and Purpose Driven lives without constantly feeling Overwhelmed, Burned Out and Anxious.

Asking Better Questions has helped him to turn around his own life. Today he passes on the light through his insights and helps people to go within to find their answers to life.

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