How I Turned My Biggest Mess Into My Biggest Message

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I collapsed on the floor with tears running down my cheeks as I was sobbing uncontrollably.

In that moment, I felt like someone had just ripped out, not only my heart but my whole sense of being too.

My life seemed shattered in a million pieces.

How the heck had I ended up here?

The most devistating I had ever felt...

Rewinding back a few hours it all had started as a fairly normal day. At the time I was living in San Diego which was kind of my second home.

I went about my day like any other even though I sensed that something was off. I couldn’t really grasp it at first, but something felt different.

I hit the gym and went back home again to attend some work that needed to be done. As I started checking my emails and messages that weird feeling became stronger and thoughts like

"What are you doing this all for?"
"What's the purpose of all this?"

started to circulate in my mind.

I had had these thoughts before in my life, but I was quite sure that I had gotten rid of them by now. After all I was chasing my dream of traveling and location independence.

Nevertheless, I felt completely lost and stuck in that moment.

The most disturbing for me was that I already knew this feeling. It was the exact same feeling that I had before I broke out from society to travel a little over a year prior.

In fact, I had felt this way so many times already throughout my life. Like I was moving in cycles!

I had just recently come back to San Diego because my visa in Colombia, where I was really living, had expired. Not only that, I was actually living there with my girlfriend at the time.

Since I was feeling so lost that day, I texted her and we jumped on a call. As always, she would support me and my dreams, but I immediately knew that something was off.

“I don’t love you”

These words went deep into my heart, like small, sharp knives.

This was the call she ended the relationship and I never saw her again.

It wasn't exactly the best day of my life and as the saying goes: When it rains it pours.

My business was failing (weeks before I had lost a huge amount of money due to a scam), and my heart was broken into a million pieces.

I was in huge pain and everything was spinning and twisting. There I was sitting on the floor with my back leaning against the bed. Devastated, hurting, and lost.

How was this possible?
How did I end up here?

It was such a devastating moment because just a few months back I thought finally had it. I even remember sending my parents a letter just before Christmas telling them euphorically about how my business was about to take off and how I had this happy relationship in my life.

"2018 is going to be my year!”

I really thought I had it.

But here I was sitting on the floor, lonely, broken, and desperate. My life as I knew it, shuttered into pieces.

How would I ever be able to bring them back together?

A few hours of just sitting there, questions started to arise. In fact, I started questioning anything and everything.

Who am I?
What am I doing here?
What is the purpose of all this anyway?
Why am I even doing what I am doing?

While sitting there and questioning my life, it suddenly hit me. Those were the exact same questions I had always had.

Those were the questions that made me leave Switzerland and travel the world. Those were the same questions that had defined most of my life. They had always been there.

And then I had the biggest realization of my life:

If I still had the same questions but everything outside was gone it had to be inside.

I was the only constant between every experience I had so far in my life. Love was gone, Business was gone and everything I had been chasing had broken away.

That was a tuff one to swallow.

That realization hit me hard and a split second I felt like I had not moved forward at all.

The most devastating I had ever felt really.

These big and deep questions were literally torturing me.

That’s when another life-changing revelation opened up to me and changed the course of my life forever.

Quote 2

My Intuition led me there...

What if these questions were showing me the way?

I could hear them so clearly and loudly now, why not in other stages of my life?

Had I been ignoring them?

What if they were meant to be answered by me?

With this idea swirling in my mind, I started journaling, asking myself every question that popped up. On top of that I added every question into the mix I could think of. I went on to write 100 pages in just 7 days.

Step by step I went through all the areas of my life, carefully listening to what came up. And sure enough, the answers were there, giving me access to my inner knowing and wisdom.

I would just start writing and as soon as I spotted something that I didn’t understand or was causing me pain, I would put that on the next page and start asking questions around it.

Question by question I went through my life and within the next few weeks and months I saw my life transform in deep and profound ways.

How was that possible though? How was, what I had been doing, able to transform my whole life?

If it could do that for me, could it do the same for others?

Upon till that moment I had always thought that deep transformation can only happen by attending high paid guru masterclasses or indulging in expensive courses and practices. But I was wrong!

After tons of research and studying everything from yoga philosophies to quantum physics I found my answers.

I realized that you don’t have to do all of the crazy stuff but simply ask better and more powerful questions.

You see, when I begun to ask myself better questions, I started many life-changing processes:

  • When asking questions, we bring awareness to our life or a specific area of it. Awareness is the absolute first step to changing anything. We cannot change what we don’t know.


  • When we ask better questions, we automatically start to question our existing beliefs. The moment we do that, we can bust beliefs that are not serving us anymore and hold us back. Realizations are one of the most powerful and easiest way to change.


  • On top of that we build confidence because we also solidify the beliefs that are already working for us. We all know what a bit more confidence could do in our lives.


  • Getting clear on what works for us and what doesn’t, what is important and what isn’t, will give us loads of clarity and direction. We feel more secure with ourselves and the path we are on.


  • The better we get to know ourselves, the deeper we connect with ourselves. More love, compassion and understanding for others and ourselves is the result of that.


  • And lastly the combination of them all will lead to a more light-hearted experience of life. Less reactiveness and more Inner Peace. Because let’s be clear, in the end we all look for exactly that in our lives.

All this, just because of asking better questions! Mind blowing!

I started to apply my method in all situations and all areas of my life.

When seeking traction in my business, when being at a crossroads and whenever I needed more clarity on what I needed and wanted.

I was now certain that this knowledge and insight could help others to transform their lives too.

So, I decided to open it up and share my findings with the world!

No matter what the stage you are at or what struggle you are facing, the solution stays the same:

The Question is the Answer

A famous quote states the following:

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask” – Tony Robbins

I couldn’t agree more with that, for it has truly changed my life!

Now I know that writing for hours is not everyone’s thing but living a better life, free of the constant emotional ups and downs, is. To enjoy life to the fullest, experience love, joy, and happiness, is. To be light-hearted and excited about the journey you are on, most definitely is!

So how can you ask better questions?

Well, I made it easy for you.

Over the last few years, I have collected all the life-changing questions I’ve come across and created a proven process for people to follow along.

It’s not easy to come up with good questions every day. On top of that we all live busy lives that makes being consistent another big ask. Time is a valuable resource.

With this hectic lifestyle, we and our personal growth, are often the last thing on the list. But that is exactly where self-improvement happens.

Now I know all these struggles myself far too well as I have gone through almost every “perfect routine” out there.

It just always seemed so much! So many things to do and choose from.

I don’t know about you but I like simple!

That’s exactly why I combined the power of asking better questions with the science of creating habits that actually stick.

Behavioral science suggests that instead of using “motivation” (very volatile) to build a habit it is more beneficial to use “ability” and focus on the consistency instead. Over time the habit will grow without effort and almost automatically.

In a nutshell that means to start in the tiniest form possible. 1 minute tiny.

So how do these two things come together now?


Souletters – A Message From Within

I have taken care of everything for you by hand selecting the questions and sending them right into your inbox.

Scientifically proven methods, exercises, and tools (e.g. gratitude, forgiveness, reflection, envisioning, shadow work, inner child, journaling etc.) are put into small practical questions covering all areas of your life.

“You can’t stay the same person if you build a habit of asking better questions and bring that much awareness to your life” – Bastian Gugger

Your only job is to read the question. Remember, 1 minute tiny.

When reading a question, we automatically pose that question to ourselves and the process of inner work has begun. Over time this habit will grow automatically, and you might find yourself revisiting the question, like magic.

It is like watering a plant every day. You don’t have to do the “growing” for it! It will grow by itself.

It is hands down one of the easiest and most beneficial personal growth tools out there. You can use it for journaling or even integrate it into an existing mindfulness practice.

You basically become your own Life Coach!

So, if you’d like to transform:

Anxiety into Happiness
Overwhelm into Peace of Mind
Feeling lost and stuck into Purpose and Meaning
Self-Doubt into Self-Love
Heart Break into Loving again
Insecurity into Confidence

then Souletters is your personal key to success!

Just imagine what a powerful habit of asking yourself better questions could do for your life and see your life transform in a profound and yet simple way.

“Information May Inform The Mind, But Revelation Sets A Heart On Fire”

That one right question, that can give you the revelation you are looking for!

So, let me ask you:

What Is The One Question You Haven’t Asked Yourself Yet?

Join Souletters Today And Find Out!

Not an Article reader? No worries, I got you covered in this video!

Become Your Own Personal Life Coach And Start Asking Life Transforming Questions!

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