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Jan 30 2020

The Bear Cave Method

The Bear Cave Method Please Share Many times in my life I have felt overwhelmed and unsure about the next steps. Sometimes things just seem to be a little off and a lot of tension is surrounding us. There was a time back in spring 2018 where all of this came together, and I was…

Jan 30 2020

Clarity, Vision, Purpose – 3 Big words

Clarity, Vision, Purpose – 3 Big words Please Share These are 3 extremely big words and at certain points in our lives they become more important. Either everyone else is talking about it or you for yourself feel, that there is something more.   I myself have been lost and stuck many times in my…

Jan 30 2020

Feeling like moving in Cycles? Think again.

Feeling like moving in cycles? Think again. Please Share Do you sometimes feel that you are kind of stuck? You have the feeling that you are moving in cycles and always end up in the same spot? Same relationship, same job, same problems? You just keep hitting the same walls. Over and over again.  …

Jan 29 2020

Are you a priority in your Life?

Are you a priority in your Life? Please Share I have asked myself this question many times, in many ways over the short period of my young life. And I’m planning on keep doing so over and over again. Why I do this?   That is exactly what I’m going to dive into in this…

Jan 29 2020

My Story & Journey

My Story & Journey Who Is Bastian? Who Is Bearonawalk? Hey, I’m Bastian aka bearonawalk and I’m the #1 Lifestyle Catalyst for people, mostly in their late 20’s and 30’s, who want to live happier, more balanced and purpose driven lives without constantly feeling overwhelmed, burned out and anxious.   I do this because I…