Clarity, Vision, Purpose – 3 Big words

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These are 3 extremely big words and at certain points in our lives they become more important. Either everyone else is talking about it or you for yourself feel, that there is something more.


I myself have been lost and stuck many times in my life and those 3 words have followed me around no matter what I was doing.


Over time I learned to deal with it in many ways and I invite you to read through the rest of this article if you know what I’m talking about. As always, I include an exercise for you to do, somewhere within the article.


Let’s give this some meaning, shall we?

Awesome you are still reading this! Well not necessarily for you (It means you know what I’m talking about) but for me (since I write all this). Haha. On a more serious note, good on you for still being here. It’s the first step to gather knowledge and stay open for growth.


So first, let’s have a quick look at these words and see what they actually mean (I am aware that there is different approaches but hey it’s my article, right?):



You know what you want and what to do in the moment. You are in charge of your mind. Because here is the thing with clarity. The real problem is, that our mind makes such a chaos around anything we are trying to do. It makes us unsure about what the right or wrong decision might be and shows us all the possible scenarios if we fail.

Weird that it very rarely shows us the good stuff, don’t you think?

Well we get into all of that a little bit later.



A long term goal. A bigger picture of how you want your life to look like. Ideas, Inspiration, desires and dreams. Visions come in various forms. For me a vision is to make a bigger goal or dream more tangible. So, I would maybe write a 1 year vision. Where do I want to be in 1 year? How do I want my life to look like then? You can do longer or shorter visions (5yr / 3 months). To me visions are merely a way to get a sense of direction of where I’m going.



Your why, why you came here. What you are meant to get out of life. Why you do things. This is definitely bigger then you. This is an important one for all of us who think there must somehow be more in life. And there is for sure. I think though that each and everyone has to define the purpose for ourselves. It has a lot to do with our passions and almost always involves helping other people. It gives us drive and energy and fuels most of our actions. You don’t feel that?


Well sadly most of us are not doing what we are passionate about. We are stuck in the rat race, following society’s plan for life.


Why do you explain you all this though? Because it’s all connected and it comes down to one thing.


How well you know yourself and how much you listen to yourself.


How well do you know yourself?

What I found is this. We do actually know what we want and need. Wait what?!


Yeah you heard me. We do know. Deep within ourselves we know exactly. We have just gotten really good at suppressing and ignoring it. That is not just your fault it’s also what we are taught in society.


We have lost the connection to ourselves. And that is actually where all the pain comes from. Deep inside, you know better or more but, on the outside, you are doing something else. There is a pulling inside of you that creates wishes and dreams, but you don’t take them seriously. Now you feel sad, depressed or angry because you don’t follow them. It’s a form of resistance.


Of course, now all the expectations of society, parents, friends or family come into play. You feel like you don’t have any other choice. And I get it, there is all sorts of thoughts and emotions coming up around this. But in the end, you do have a choice. You just got to make a choice for your own good.


Living other people’s expectations will never make you happy and it is a very fragile thing to place your well-being into that. Easier said than done, I know. The fact that you have a choice remains though.


Why is it so difficult then to follow our deepest desires? It’s the mind.


Fears. Beliefs. Expectations.


The purpose of the mind is to make sense of things but it’s basically just a data collector. Experiences are collected and stored as memories and beliefs. It’s based on the past though. Why does it do that? Because it want’s to protect you. It means well but it also causes a lot of problems. This is basically the cause for most of our miseries.


When you think about it, this is the common cycle:


A moment unfolds in front of us -> Then the mind starts to comment on it -> then we experience feelings that support all of that. Now we are in trouble because we hear all these stories as of why it is not possible. It’s like an overprotective parent. But from that perspective EVERYTHING is dangerous.


Fact is that we never really know what’s going to happen and how things unfold. That is where you come into play. You are the consciousness. You are the one that can form a Vision in the first place and see beyond limitations. You are able to see what’s possible or what could be. The mind is not.


The choice then becomes as follows.


Do you focus on what is possible or do you focus on what could go wrong?


To make an effective change you gotta be greater then the mind. That is what it comes down to. You gotta understand that the mind means well but you are the authority. You gotta trust in yourself and life to figure it out along the way. That is actually the way life goes anyway. I f you want or not. You think you know how the day unfolds because you try to control it, but you don’t. You are just resistant to every moment that unfolds in front of you because you think it should be different. It shouldn’t it is exactly as it’s supposed to be.


I’m gonna write a whole independent blog post about the mind and how all that works because it would certainly extend the volume of this article.


I want to leave you with this question for today and I invite you to journal about it. Just write what comes to mind when you think about this question.

[Exercise] Journal Prompt

  • What do you really want?
  • What is it that is deep inside of you that is waiting for you to acknowledge it

This is a deep question and I suggest you to stick with it for a while. Mostly before we flow in any creative process we need to get into it first. It’s like a water hose that was laying around for a bit. First there comes the crappy water, then the clear water.

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Pheww, that was deep

I know this all goes really deep but that is exactly where change happens. This is such an important and interesting topic that it is hard to cover it all in just one article. So many facets and layers.

I do my best though to come up with new exciting angles and topics for you.

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