Are you a priority in your Life?

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I have asked myself this question many times, in many ways over the short period of my young life.
And I’m planning on keep doing so over and over again. Why I do this?


That is exactly what I’m going to dive into in this article. I want to show you why it is important to ask yourself this question and how you can find out if you actually are a priority in your life (Exercise at the end). A lot has changed in my life because of this one question.


I invite you to read through this post if you sometimes feel lost and unclear about your life’s direction. That underlying feeling of unhappiness.


A big shift in my life

Yay, you are still here! So, I guess the Introduction wasn’t too shabby. Good on you! You are in for some personal gathered wisdom I’m about to share.


Making myself a priority has changed the whole course of my life. It made me who I am today and brought me to where I am right now. Pretty powerful, wouldn’t you say?


A little over two years ago I was at a point where I was miserable. Working in a 9-5 I hated and just being somewhat lost in general. I was working on other people’s dreams and neglecting myself completely. Yet again, the desires of freedom and life on my own terms were strong. The problem though back then, I was focusing on the fact that I didn’t have all that. It was painful. I was depressed and lost.


To me there is two ways we really change:


  • Pain is big enough (Basically means we want to avoid it now and in the future)
  • We have a deep realization (by learning, tired of repeating the same cycles)

In my case #1 was my catalyst. I didn’t care anymore what could happen if I break out of society. Fear lost its grip on me. I said to myself: I’d rather struggle while trying to “find” (I didn’t know back then that it was within me all along) my happiness then just accept to be miserable for the rest of my life.


It suddenly became a very easy decision for me to quit my job, house and whatever else there was.


Not being happy = Change something or stop complaining


I understood that I had to make a move (no one else) and so the decision was made. I unregistered from Switzerland (I’m not registered anywhere in the world, but I still have my Swiss Passport) and took off.


That was the first time I truly put myself and my health first. I followed an impulse that came from within. A desire so strong that fears became meaningless. It couldn’t really get worse in my mind.


And it didn’t. I opened up again and happiness seemed to flow abundantly into my life. For some time. Pretty much until I stopped being the priority in my own life again.


You see it is not always easy to put yourself first. But pretty much your happiness depends on it. You can’t be happy if you ignore your own desires and the things that make you feel alive. The stuff that fills you up and sparks joy in you.

Visual Quote

This quote is very true and a reality for most of us. If you don’t take responsibility or control over your own life, someone else will. You either work on your own dreams or the dreams of someone else. You either live your life or the expectations of others.


But let me tell you this. In order to change anything in your life, you must start prioritizing your needs first. Only once you take your dreams, wishes and desires seriously there is more in it for you.


I am totally aware that change can be pretty darn hard because of circumstances and other obstacles but you can also start taking small steps. Showing yourself that your feelings and dreams are important changes a lot, trust me.


So let me ask you again:


Are you a priority in your life?

Checking in with yourself is important

You might see by now why I ask myself this question from time to time. I’ve got to check in with myself and see where I’m at. We evolve, we change, and our desires shift. I gotta make sure that I honor myself and keep following my truth.


My life depends on it…


I hope you found value in this Post. I would love to hear your thoughts and questions around this topic. Do you struggle with this? What are your pain points? Please leave a comment. Remember we are one big family here. Growing together and lifting each other up!


I also invite you again to really think about this question or maybe even grab your Journal (you guys know I’m a huge fan of journaling) and write about it.


On top you’ll find another exercise beneath that can be really eye opening! Enjoy!

Bonus Exercise:

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Take a piece of paper and draw a line in the middle from top to the bottom of the page.

    • On the left, write down the 5 most important things to you in life and order them 1-5 (1= most important)
    • On the right, write down the same 5 things in the order they are actually prioritized in your life right now. (Also think how much time you spend on each of them in real life)
      • Write and think about the differences of these two.
      • Why is there a difference?
      • How does this make you feel?

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